I help you to build the right message and to communicate it from your authenticity.


I help you to build the right message and to communicate it from your authenticity.

Problems to teamwork? Develop your interpersonal communication

An important presentation? Create clear, memorable and efficient messages

Do you find it difficult to manage a group? Work your assertiveness and your leadership with communicative strategies

A public event without a Master of Ceremonies is like a ship without a captain

"I invite you to improve your communication skills: you will gain in security, assertiveness and development of your authentic leadership."

To blur borders seems to me enriching.

Life has given me the tireless ability to connect creatively ideas / people / opportunities.



The Latin essence of this word reveals an important depth. To communicate is to “put in common”, meaning also “that which fulfils a duty towards others”. I am fascinated by this underlaying idea that communication is, more than anything else, an act of generosity: one has something to share and, at the same time, the responsibility to share it. And, I add, to share it in the best possible way.

I invite you to gain awareness on the way you communicate, since communicating is not reduced to broadcasting a message and waiting for results. True communication happens when you (the issuer) have a clear objective and share it in such a way that on the other side (the receiver) it is understood and integrated, gaining the activation of that reflection, project or action that you had initially meant to activate.

All of us can communicate more authentically, harmonically, constructively, efficiently, strategically and compassionately. And doing so will certainly improve our personal, professional, organizational and corporate lives.

I firmly believe that a better communication at all relational levels contributes to nurture a more beautiful and human world.

With this personal conviction and passion, I help you in building your own message and communicating it from your authenticity, overcoming your fears and assuming your responsibilities in each of the specific communication situations.

It will be a pleasure to walk with you on the development journey of your communication abilities!


Master of ceremonies

Presentation and moderation of professional events.
Business events
Conducting of business meetings, moderation of round tables and seminars, facilitation of debates and internal meetings that require an external, professional and neutral figure that gives coherence to the whole.
Public events
Presentation of congresses, symposia and forums with a large audience, where the role of an experienced, versatile and upcoming Master of Ceremonies is needed, and one who communicates fluently in 4 languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian).
Ceremonies and celebrations
Presentation of awards, galas and more intimate celebrations that ask for both professionalism and emotivity.
Counselor and Advisor
Counseling, advice and support in your professional and business communication.
Communication counseling for managers and leaders
Depending on the point you are in or the specific situation that has been presented to you, you may want to work individually to improve aspects of your professional communication, or simply to prepare an important public presentation. Call me and let’s define together a personalized program for you. I work both in-person and online.
Personal accompaniment in the 360º improvement of your leadership
Specially designed for technicians, researchers and managers facing challenges in team leadership, we can design a highly personalized accompaniment program that progressively improves your communication skills and your own leadership style.
Improvement of the in-company communication
Many SMEs grow abruptly and without a clearly defined structure, a fact that often generates “communication gaps” in teams and difficulties for leaders in the management of motivation, objectives and business results. We can work around this situation starting from a communicational audit and proposing a simple but efficient improvement plan for the internal communication in the company.


Training in communication skills and leadership development.
Communication skills for professionals and leaders
Improving our communication within the workplace is fundamental to relate in a healthier and more constructive way with our teams and collaborators. Train yourself, develop and practice with me your communication skills and your own leadership style.
Public speaking from your authenticity
Communicating calmly and memorably to an audience is always a challenge for any professional, even the most experienced speaker. Train yourself with me in the fundamental skills for public speaking in a clear, memorable and authentic way.
Assertive management of communication conflicts
Many interpersonal conflicts in the work environment arise due either to the lack of communication or to its poor quality. Communication is a source of problems, but also of solutions when you work on it correctly and learn the proper tools. Train yourself in the basic skills and resources of an assertive and constructive management of communication conflicts to work.
Facilitation of group dynamics and meetings
The responsibility of moderating a group dynamic in the professional environment presents specific leadership and communication challenges. The success of a focus group or of a simple work meeting depends on diverse factors such as preparation and an empowered attitude of the moderator. Train yourself in the right strategies and tools to lead groups constructively, inclusively and efficiently.
Youth Mentor
Guidance and accompaniment of youngsters in decisive academic moments.
Mentoring for the election of baccalaureate
In some cases, young people have a very clear vocation. But when this is not the case, the boy or girl often finds himself without enough subjective and objective elements to consciously and convincingly choose the next step. With one or two mentoring sessions, I will help him/her to orient the decision towards the baccalaureate or medium degree studies that best suit his/her natural talents and most essential passions.
Mentoring for the choice of higher education
Professional world is changing very quickly, in fact much faster than university studies do. Today young people who finish high school have so many options to continue their training that they are often lost. Building on my extensive knowledge of the different professional fields, I help them to guide the decision towards the university or professional studies that best suit their specific passion and objectives.
“It has been a pleasure working with Irene, thanks to her professionalism and positive energy. She is very good at listening and as a personal advisor. As a trainer in group dynamics, she always directs her contents and style according to the needs of the client. I was especially impressed by her practical advice on communicative strategies in professional interaction. The collaboration with Irene is fluid and highly flexible.” Monika Kustra


“Irene is a polyglot woman, with extraordinary abilities in the field of communication in its many facets. Added to her versatility and personal charisma, they make of her an essential professional to train good speakers or develop strategies in the presentation of projects, for example. She has a gift for discriminating what is aesthetic, effective and coherent from what is not, when teaching how to transmit the right messages. It has been and continues to be a privilege to work with her.” Ester Torrella

Doctor, Trainer, Lecturer, Association “Un punto de partida”

“I have shared with Irene international consulting projects, professional coaching and conferences on communication skills. All these experiences were not only formative at all levels, but I also enjoyed them a lot. Irene is a very versatile professional with multiple talents, the greatest of them her great ability to communicate efficiently, inspiring and always from a very positive energy. I have learned a lot with her, both professionally and humanly.” Head of Policy

Product communication, CLIP

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